Welcome to Sikh Gurdwara of Los Angeles



Punjabi Virsa Academy was formed to provide a platform to our kids to learn the Punjabi language, Sikh history, Gurmat Gian, Music, Kirtan and learn culture through fun and creative learning. All our faculty members are highly qualified and well educated. We have a well-established curriculum for all levels and follow the teaching philosophy adopted by our public schools.

​We're not typical Punjabi school focus on language & Gurmat Gian. Our purpose is to make our kids feel that they're part of our community, understand family values, understand from where we came from and develop a strong bond with their family. With that purpose in mind, we extended our curriculum beyond Punjabi education. We included Bhangra and Gidha classes for now and more to come in the future.

We're part of Sikh Gurdwara of Los Angeles, and I like to thank all board members of Gurdwara for their open mind thinking and providing full support to this Organization.


Every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM


We invite all kids 5 years or old to learn, speak and write Punjabi with Gurmat Gian and Punjabi Virsa cultural activities.